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A Chilihead’s Secret Identity

One young guest got the surprise of his life when his family dined at an Apex, NC Chili’s in July. The family of three was enjoying their meal when their server, Curtis, noticed a boy playing with an action figure of The Flash, the superhero.

Later in their visit, their server struck up a conversation with the young boy…

     Curtis- “So you like Flash? Me too!”
     Boy- “Yeah, he’s awesome!”
     Curtis- “Can you keep a secret?”
     Boy- “Yeah!”
     Curtis- “You have to promise because no one here at Chili’s knows the truth.”

After the boy promised to keep Curtis’s secret, the server pulled his shirt collar to the side, revealing a red shirt. He showed the boy just enough of the yellow lightning bolt printed on the shirt for him to recognize the logo of The Flash.

We’re told “the little boy’s eyes became huge and immediately recognized that he, perhaps a little guest, but a valued guest nonetheless, had just been served by his favorite superhero.”