A Destin-ation wedding feast

Newlyweds Rachel and Chris’s wedding day started as a traditional Louisiana wedding. The two tied the knot in New Orleans on Aug. 30, 2013, but things changed as they set off for their honeymoon in Destin.

They decided to stay in their clothes from the wedding for the drive; Chris in a three-piece suit and Rachel in her wedding gown. As Chris explains it, “We had the romantic notion of walking on the beach in our clothes at sunset.” A wonderfully romantic dream that was soon crushed as the couple hit traffic. By the time the couple reached their destination of Destin, they were starving.

weddingThe bride and groom say they turned heads as they walked into Chili’s, still dressed in their wedding attire. They settled in and ordered their favorites, but not before explaining the situation to their server, Tim. After they finished satisfying their grumbling stomachs, the manager of the Destin Chili’s came to the table. He congratulated them on their nuptials and told them their meal was on the house and that they shouldn’t be paying for their wedding feast.

Chris wrote us, saying, “Rachel and I couldn’t be more thankful after a long day and tiring drive for the kindness from the Chili’s team in Destin. We will always remember, with a laugh and smile, our wedding dinner, especially the thoughtful and gracious people working in your restaurant that night. We are now Chili’s fans for life.”

Looks like “til death do us part” goes for their love of Chili’s too! Good luck and another congratulations to the happy couple!