daddy daughter night

A night fit for a princess

We want to thank our guest blogger Krissy for sharing her family’s experience at Daddy Daughter Night in Sacramento, Calif.!

Last month, I received an email from Chili’s inviting the “man of the house” and his daughter to attend a “Daddy and Daughter Night Out” at our local Chili’s. My husband was immediately excited about the event and couldn’t wait to take our little girl out for a special night together.

Photo 3

On the big day, our daughter anxiously waited for her dad to come home and take her to “Chiwis.” She was dressed in her Sunday best and off they went. Part of me was a little jealous, but the bigger part of me was grateful to see my daughter and her father create a special memory all their own – a bond created by Chili’s “Daddy and Daughter Night Out.”

After arriving at the restaurant, the duo was quickly seated and began participating in the night’s festivities. The servers gushed over Addy (which is never inappropriate in her world) and did everything possible to make sure the two were comfortable and having fun. Addy nibbled on a corn dog while coloring, and talked with her Dad about all the things she was doing at school. Rumor has it she was even able to steal one of daddy’s Baby Back Ribs!

Photo 4

Another kind server brought Addy a balloon in her favorite color and took a picture of Addy and her Dad. The two decorated a frame for their photo together creating the perfect keepsake for the perfect evening.

I cannot tell you enough how much this night meant to our family. They both came back home happy with hearts and bellies full. That night certainly made an impression on our little girl, and she keeps asking for another “date with Daddy.” Fortunately, this is an easy request as our local Chili’s hosts “Daddy and Daughter Night Out” the second Tuesday of every month. All little girls deserve to feel special, and thank you Chili’s for making that happen.

-Krissy P. of Minute Made Mama