Columbus Day, immortalized in Southwestern Eggrolls

raw ship IMG_1134 It took two Party Platters of Southwestern Eggrolls, five orders of Sweet Potato Fries and two orders of Boneless Buffalo Wings, but we’ve done it- Introducing our model of Columbus’s favorite ship, the Santa Maria!

After about 5 hours of work from our social media team, we were happy to put our ship on display. The reactions ranged from “WOAH, How cool!” to “That is… something.” Our version of one of Christopher Columbus’s famous ships is built on a styrofoam core and weighs a little over 10 lbs. The sides of the ship are constructed from Southwestern Eggrolls with a deck of Sweet Potato Fries and Boneless Buffalo Wing “cargo.” It may not be ready to take to the seas, but it certainly is appetizing!