Don’t Stop: A Chili’s Delivery

Delivery header

It’s only Monday, but we’re already looking forward to the game only six days away! We can smell it now…

Chili’s favorites strewn across the room.
The smell of Burger Bites and Fajitas in the air.
All while keeping our eyes glued to the screen during the riveting commercial breaks.

And to make it even easier on you, we’re delivering right to your door. Check out the latest delivery by ChiliHead Justin at our Preston and LBJ location in Dallas.


Complete with front door Delivery, this Sunday we also have some game-watching bundles listed below that will give you the most bang for your buck. Just find your closest Delivery restaurant on our nifty website.

Side note: We’re also giving 10% net sales from To Go and Delivery to St. Jude as part of their “Game Day. Give Back.” Simply mention the event to give to a great cause this Sunday!!

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