More Team Celebrations Happen Here!

Meet one of our favorite youth soccer teams, the Rockettes. These ladies know how to dribble, pass, score and celebrate! To celebrate their great season, the soccer-savvy ladies loaded the minivans and headed to Chili’s.

October 2013 012

The Rockettes’ story definitely isn’t rare. By now many of our guests with kids are knee deep in rec and youth sports. From practices and games, to who’s bringing snacks, to the end of season party with their very first trophies… little league parents and players have a lot to worry about. And it gets crazier when little athletes play more than one sport!

The sideline cheerleaders, a.k.a. parents, of the Rockettes know how to make celebrations and team dinners easier… Chili’s. And from the “Most Improved” to the “MVP,” there’s something every kid will love. To fuel kids on the field/court/track, the Rockettes’ parents love the Kids Live Well options. Learn more about those meals here.

So bring the whole team in for a post game celebration and some off the field bonding. And make sure you share pictures with us!