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National Quilt Day: Every Square Has a Story

You guys are really something.

It’s National Quilting Day, and you all joined forces to show the kids at St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital how much you care.

We asked quilting bloggers across the country to put their needles to work for the occasion, and each blogger created one square for a patchwork quilt presented to St. Jude’s.

Each individual block, sewn by a different blogger, has a different story. When those blocks are pieced together, the result is a beautiful quilt,a blanket of hope.

quilt_0003_Layer Comp 4AnneMarie Chany
Gen X Quilters
Having formerly worked in a children’s hospital, AnneMarie Chany jumps at the chance to cheer a kid who might need a smile on their face. So she created this Hope of Hartford quilt block “because it represents hope.”


quilt_0006_Layer Comp 7Amber Carrillo
One Shabby Chick
Amber Carillo contributed a starry quilt block inspired by the quote, “keep hope in your heart and your eyes on the stars.” For her, the colors represent Chili’s and the playful nature of the numbers on the fabric represents the children at St. Jude.


quilt_0002_Layer Comp 3Jennifer Auh Chon
Sunny in Cal
To Jennifer Auh Chon, this heart block represents the love of St. Jude — the love of a community for children in need. Something she says is “truly inspiring.”


quilt_0005_Layer Comp 6Christa Watson
Christa Quilts
Christa Watson’s passion for nature, graphic design, and everyday objects inspired her square. She loves brightly colored fabrics and threads, which definitely shows in her block.


quilt_0007_Layer Comp 8Nicke Cutler
Kiss Kiss Quilt
Nicke Cutler finds hope in the stars. She hopes that this one can “bring that same feeling to someone in need of hope in their heart.”  


quilt_0001_Layer Comp 2Amy Smart
Diary of a Quilter
To Amy Smart, the cross is a hopeful motif. So she designed a bright cross block in the colors of spring, the season of hope and new life. Since her father finished cancer treatment last spring, the season has a renewed significance and she has a renewed gratitude for life. 

quilt_0000_Layer Comp 1Tricia Poolson
Notes of Sincerity
The star in Tricia Poolson’s square symbolizes the hope brought to children and families by St. Jude. The house fabric she chose brings her a sense of comfort, much like the comfort provided by St. Jude.


quilt_0004_Layer Comp 5Carolina Moore
Always Expect Moore
The English Paper Piecing in Carolina Moore’s square took her over eight hours to stitch. To her, the hours are a salute to all those waiting and hoping for a loved one to heal.


quilt_0008_Layer Comp 9Melissa Corry
Happy Quilting
Melissa Corry sews quilts for hopeful occasions – weddings, births, anniversaries and birthdays. She combined bits and pieces of those hopeful quilts to create this orange sky block, because “nothing says hope like the dawn of each new day”.

Each square has its own colors, its own fabric, its own pattern. It has its own quilter and its own story. Its own inspiration, its own labor of love. These squares are threaded together to create one unified quilt for the children of St. Jude.

This past October, with the help of generous guests and team members, we successfully completed our goal of donating $50 million to the Chili’s Care Center and the kids of St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital.

The effort was collective, but each individual who helped raise the funds, and each individual who received them has a unique story- A story of hope for the kids of St. Jude.

So today, it’s hats off to all of you. Our community of quilters told their own stories through the shapes they designed, the fabric they chose, and the colors they used. If you were to add a block, what would it look like?