Guest Post: A Chili’s Bartender’s Signature Drink

Most guests know me by name and quickly say, “Kyle, whip me up something new, man!” Some of our regular guests are in five days a week! So, I feel somewhat pressured to make sure that every experience is more exciting that the last.

As I’m trying to get our “Regs” to explore new drink options from our menu, I discovered an opportunity to make someone feel special- customizing a drink for them! I created a drink recipe a few years back while our restaurant was promoting our signature margaritas, and used ingredients that are already in every Chili’s in America. I call it “The Knocksville,” a refreshing citrus blend with the same properties as a long island iced tea.

The Knocksville
¾ oz. Absolut Vodka
½ oz. Peach Schnapps
½ oz Patron Citron Orange
½ oz. Gran Gala
Splash of Orange Juice
Bit of Sweet and Sour Mix

Shake all the contents over ice and strain into our Aztec glass with a half sugar/half salted rim. Next, add 1-2 ounces of Chili’s frozen classic margarita to top it off. I either garnish “The Knocksville” with three mandarin orange slices, or simply cut one sliced orange into three chunks.

I’m proud I have been given an opportunity to have so many “Regs” come to my bar every day. And I’m even happier to make each one of them feel special and for making Chili’s – Camp Wisdom their favorite bar choice in our area!

Kyle is a five-year ChiliHead and bartender extraordinaire, at our Chili’s in Grand Prairie, TX.